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Voter eligibility rights strengthened as Gov. Sisolak signs AB 345

Governor Steve Sisolak
Voting made easier

Bill signing statement by Governor Steve Sisolak

In 2018, the voters spoke loud and clear that they’re in favor of making it easier for all eligible Nevadans to vote. This bill I’m about to sign will do just that.

Assembly Bill 345 is a voting rights package that codifies electoral best-practices that will empower Nevadans with greater access to their right to vote while securing our elections.

This bill expands Nevadans’ access to the voting booth through a number of ways:
– Implements automatic voter registration, which overwhelmingly passed by a vote of the people in 2018.
– Allows county and city clerks to designate vote centers where anyone registered in their county or city may vote, regardless of their specific polling location.
– Extends deadlines so that voters can register online up to the Thursday before Election Day.
– Creates the ability for Nevadans to register on the day of an election. This will combat voter suppression by preventing Nevadans from being turned away because of clerical errors or missing arbitrary deadlines.
– Allows anyone to request absentee ballots for all elections, rather than having to request every election. This is a huge benefit for our military and civil service members and their spouses deployed overseas as well as citizens with disabilities, and the elderly. Sadly, we are seeing other states across the country passing sinister voter suppression measures meant to block certain voters from exercising their rights and making their voices heard.

I’m proud that, once again this year, Nevada is bucking a disturbing national trend and, instead, leading the way in voting rights and election security. The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy, and with this new law, we are continuing to expand access to the polls for all eligible voters in Nevada so they can play a part in our democracy.

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