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Sparks City Council promote two strategic long time employees

City Council promotes John A. Martini (Blue sports jacket, middle) to Deputy City Manager.

29 year veteran firefighter James Reid promoted to Fire Chief, with family.

In other Sparks City Council news, noting that the owner of marijuana grow and marketing firm Silver State Trading had fallen three quarters of a year behind in his tax obligations to the city of Sparks, was put on notice that although he’s now caught up on his taxes, he’s been put on what could be termed “probation” for the next year. The owner said he was conflicted by Nevada tax laws governing his operations. He added that running a cash only operation (no regular banking allowed due to federal prohibitions) was very difficult and that he criticized Nevada’s “confusing” rules pertaining to marijuana growers and distributors. The City Council reminded the owner that other marijuana grow and processing operations are consistently up-to-date on their taxes implying that he should be up-to-date as well. One councilor remarked that it’s always best to pay the taxes and then challenge wheher they’re at the correct, legal level. The council put the owner on notice that if he is late on his taxes to the City of Sparks over the next year, the Council will consider cancelling his marijuana growing and distribution license.

And finally, the Council was informed that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has enacted a regulation that allows higher-tech cellphone and data towers into residential neighborhoods, as well as in industrial areas. The FCC is allowing big cellphone and data companies to erect cell tower repeater equipment on top of street lights and other structures, even in some instances, on private property to begin using 5G system signals. Communication giants like Verizon and AT&T are in the process of preparing a nation-wide roll-out of the new technology atop street lights as well as small towers. No word on when the wave of towers and more sophisticated cell signals will pop up in cities and towns across the country. But reports say it’s on the horizon.

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