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Apartment fills with smoke from food on the stove too long

Smoking coming out of an upstairs apartment.
1215 Sullivan, Sparks

Sparks Firefighters set up smoke evac fan to clear the smoke out…

Sparks Firefighters say, never leave food unattended especially when you’re about to eat and then leave.

Sparks Firefighters raced to the scene this morning of a report of smoke coming out of the windows of an upstairs apartment at 1215 Sullivan.

Firefighters pulled up to apartment 53A and immediately ran up the stairs and into the smoke filled unit. There, in the kitchen, they found that the tenant had left some food on the stove unattended and by then it was throwing up a lot of smoke.

Firefighters dealt with the pot of burned food and proceeded to ensure that no area around the stove had been affected by the extreme heat. Firemen then set up one of their powerful smoke exhaust fans at the front door which cleared the air inside the apartment very quickly.

Leaving food unsupervised on a stove is one of the more common causes of home and apartment fires. Obviously they’re quite preventable. Just remember when you put something on the stove make sure you don’t forget about it. One way to remember is to put a large rubber band around your wrist and double wrap it. That way you’re not about to forget what is going on in the kitchen.

Have you seen this young man?

Michael Fulkerson, 15

The Sparks Police Department is seeking help from the public in locating a runaway juvenile – Michael Fulkerson. He is 15 years old and was last seen wearing red basketball shorts, a white tee shirt and black shoes.

Michael left his home in Sparks after an altercation with his family and has not been seen since. He may possibly be en route to Washington State via unknown means. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the Sparks Police Department at 775-353-2231.

Traffic merging Subaru gets hammered on Sparks Blvd just north of E. Lincoln Way

Subaru pulls into traffic, is hit and the vehicle roll numerous times southbound on Sparks Blvd.

Subaru rolls four or five times until coming to rest on its wheels.

Young lady driver’s right leg is trapped. Can’t get out.Eventually freed.

Body language of the Cadillac driver says it all.

Failing to merge properly with traffic is said to be the cause of a very loud accident just north of Sparks Boulevard and Lincoln Way Saturday afternoon.

A young lady driver in an orange Subaru left the east end of the shopping center using a short merging lane onto Sparks Boulevard. As she accelerated, her car collided with a Cadillac sedan in the right hand travel lane. The impact was enough to send the Subaru rolling furiously southbound on Sparks, until finally coming to rest on its wheels. Fortunately the young lady driver was wearing her seat belt and her vehicle’s large air bags kept her bundled up as the car rolled over and over down Sparks Boulevard. For a time, her right leg was trapped but she eventually freed herself.

Driver of the other car, whose vehicle was also badly damaged, was not injured.

Police say that short acceleration lanes should be treated much like a stop sign – enter them and accelerate only when there is enough space between your car and the one coming down the road.

Governor Steve Sisolak
A day in the life of….

On weekdays Governor Sisolak is up at 4 a.m. This particular Thursday, the 102nd day of his first term as Nevada’s first Democratic governor in 20 years, Steve Sisolak started his day with 90 minutes on a treadmill, then coffee and cereal for breakfast. Raisin Bran Crunch. No milk.

“It’s great. It’s crunchy. I like the crunch,” he said. “I’m not a big milk-eater.”

His security detail takes him from the Classical Revival governor’s mansion five minutes from the Capitol to the governor’s office about 7:30 a.m. for a day full of meetings. He’s usually back between 6 and 8 p.m. depending on evening social or constituent events. He brings home reading from work and is often asleep by 8:30. And then he’s up the next morning, back on the treadmill. And that’s what I do.”

There’s a lot that happens in between morning treadmill and evening wind down, the governor tells two reporters in a 15-minute interview to review his first months in office. Earlier in the week he spelled out his early achievements in a newspaper column and a press release, acceding to the traditional if arbitrary measurement of a new officeholder’s effectiveness right out of the gate.

Here’s the rest of the story from the Las Vegas Review Journal.  Click here.

Missing 13 year old Sparks boy

Sparks Police are looking for a missing young teen who went missing today.  Police say he’s Genesis Reynoso, 13, of Sparks.  Genesis is described as 5 foot even, 120 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes and last seen wearing a school shirt.  

If you’ve seen Genesis, immediately call Sparks Police at 775-334-2121.  Information can be given anonymously.  Police don’t need your name, just your information.

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