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Tesla donates $95,000 to support Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful youth education programs rolling along

Tesla sponsored education

KTMB Receives Grant from Tesla for Youth Education Programs.

The grant is part of Tesla’s $37.5 million investment into Nevada’s K-12 STEM/STEAM and sustainability education. Through this and other grants Tesla aims to increase Nevada students’ science and engineering proficiency, as well as emphasizing sustainability.

With the latest grant, Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful will expand their Warriors Youth Education Program, which educates students with STEM-based programs. The program connects our local natural environment and resources while cultivating stewardship and sustainability through our Next Generation Science Standards course work. Tesla funding will also support adding “fine art” into the curriculum. To further encourage students to explore careers in sustainability, Tesla employees will be volunteering as well.

“Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful has been working on environmentally significant issues in our community for 30 years, engaging more than 5,000 volunteers last year alone, to perform cleanups around our community,” said Christi Cakiroglu, Executive Director of Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful. “We know the key to creating a clean and sustainable community is through education and prevention. We are thrilled to have the support of Tesla to expand this program over the next several years.”

Tesla funding for Warrior’s Youth Education expansion will support additional AmeriCorps and staff positions to coordinate and execute the lessons and provide for enhanced learning for our local students. This expansion includes a curriculum to teach different age groups in order to reach more schools.

Oregon’s anti-fossil fuel campaign strikes down a fossil fuel industry challenge…

Smoggy driving
National Wildlife Federation photo

The U.S. Supreme Court has turned down a 2015 lawsuit challenging Oregon’s right to clean up its polluting fuels, like gasoline and diesel, by encouraging the use of better sources like electricity, sustainable biofuels and renewable diesel.

Historically, tailpipe emissions have been responsible for nearly 40 percent of Oregon’s greenhouse gas pollution. Vehicle pollution also contributes to bad air quality that worsens asthma, heart disease, and cancer.

“Big Oil’s last ditch effort to undercut state authority to require cleaner fuels has failed again,” said Amanda Goodin, an attorney with Earthjustice. “This will allow more states to adopt programs to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with confidence that their efforts will be upheld in court.”

Last September, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion dismissing industry claims against Oregon’s Clean Fuels program. Since then Washington and New York have introduced legislation to adopt similar standards and all of Canada is expected to have a clean fuels standard in place by 2020.

The Oregon Clean Fuels Program promotes lower-carbon fuels and has helped many state and private fleets advance the transition to cleaner-burning fuels, including Polk County’s police vehicles; transit agency electric buses; school buses; large business fleets, such as Kroger. It has also helped promote innovation in cleaner fuels, such as the ultra-low carbon biodiesel produced locally by SeQuential; and other innovative fuels such as renewable diesel which can be a 100% replacement for petroleum-based diesel.

“Today’s news from the Supreme Court is a victory for the people and our climate,” said Meredith Connolly, Oregon Director at Climate Solutions. “Cleaner fuels means healthier air, homegrown jobs, and fossil-free options for powering our transportation. The oil industry continues to try whatever they can to hold onto their monopoly over how Oregonians get around, but we are moving beyond oil.”

Sparks Police Chaplain removed from the force…

Chaplain’s pick up with emergency lights on the dashboard.
NHP photo

The Sparks Police Department is aware of the arrest of Sparks Police Chaplain Jay Jeffers. At the time of his arrest, Jay Jeffers was an active member of the Sparks Police Chaplain Corps.

The Sparks Police Chaplain Corps is made up from local clergy of various religions who volunteer their services to the Sparks Police in providing guidance to members of the department and community during difficult times and/or times of crisis.

The Sparks Police Department takes the charges against Mr. Jeffers seriously. His current status as a Sparks Police Chaplain is suspended and he has been removed from all duties and responsibilities as a Chaplain with the Sparks Police Department

The Sparks Police Department concurs with the Nevada Highway Patrol in that this type of Behavior undermines public confidence. Motorists need to feel certain that any vehicle operating with flashing red and blue lights belongs to an official law enforcement agency. According to state law, it is illegal to have a front-facing red light and/or display blue lights on a non-emergency vehicle.

If you feel that you’re being stopped by an unmarked vehicle that is not authorized to do so, the Sparks Police also recommends calling 9-1-1 to confirm its legitimacy with Dispatch while driving to a well-lit and populated public place before stopping.

Sparks City Council promote two strategic long time employees

City Council promotes John A. Martini (Blue sports jacket, middle) to Deputy City Manager.

29 year veteran firefighter James Reid promoted to Fire Chief, with family.

In other Sparks City Council news, noting that the owner of marijuana grow and marketing firm Silver State Trading had fallen three quarters of a year behind in his tax obligations to the city of Sparks, was put on notice that although he’s now caught up on his taxes, he’s been put on what could be termed “probation” for the next year. The owner said he was conflicted by Nevada tax laws governing his operations. He added that running a cash only operation (no regular banking allowed due to federal prohibitions) was very difficult and that he criticized Nevada’s “confusing” rules pertaining to marijuana growers and distributors. The City Council reminded the owner that other marijuana grow and processing operations are consistently up-to-date on their taxes implying that he should be up-to-date as well. One councilor remarked that it’s always best to pay the taxes and then challenge wheher they’re at the correct, legal level. The council put the owner on notice that if he is late on his taxes to the City of Sparks over the next year, the Council will consider cancelling his marijuana growing and distribution license.

And finally, the Council was informed that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has enacted a regulation that allows higher-tech cellphone and data towers into residential neighborhoods, as well as in industrial areas. The FCC is allowing big cellphone and data companies to erect cell tower repeater equipment on top of street lights and other structures, even in some instances, on private property to begin using 5G system signals. Communication giants like Verizon and AT&T are in the process of preparing a nation-wide roll-out of the new technology atop street lights as well as small towers. No word on when the wave of towers and more sophisticated cell signals will pop up in cities and towns across the country. But reports say it’s on the horizon.

Fleeing shoplifter from Walmart is chased by Tribal Police, jumps into Truckee River to escape…

Rock Park where man was pulled from the Truckee River which is flowing very fast and very cold.

Man was pulled from the river by Fire-Rescue. He was not breathing and had no pulse.

Reports say that a man suspected of shoplifting at Walmart ran out of the front entrance with Tribal Police in pursuit. The man then ran toward the Truckee River and jumped in. The cold, fast flowing water soon overcame the man – he passed out and drifted downstream with Reno Fire-Rescue in pursuit. They gathered at Rock Park and soon saw the man nearing the Rock Park falls. Search and Rescue personnel went out and grabbed what they described as a unconscious male – not breathing and no heartbeat.

He was rushed by ambulance to Renown with CPR being performed enroute. His condition has not been confirmed. The only thing the man may have going for him is that cold water shock on a human body prolongs bodily functions a lot longer than if it is pulled from a warm lake.

Forty-five states file suit against 20+ drug manufacturers for alleged price gouging for generic drugs

44 states file suit against generic drug companies alleging price gouging…

Forty-five states, including Nevada, have joined in a massive lawsuit against at least twenty generic drug manufacturers for allegedly conspiring to raise their drug prices to unconscionable levels. The lawsuit contends that drug makers have conspired to push up prices for their “generic” products to such an extent that medically distressed people cannot afford them. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak told reporters that corporate greed has taken over a big share of the prescription drug market, raising prices on generic drugs whose patents ran out years ago but due to cunning price-fixing has re-boosted their prices back to astronomical levels as if their patents were still in effect.

Here’s the story from Reuters. Click here.

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